Majo & Babs

Majo & Babs

The 10th of September 2016 was a beautiful day. Not only because of the perfectly sunny weather, but more because of the beautiful wedding couple. It was so much happiness and joy. An African/Switzerland and a little bit of Swedish wedding. It was just a pleasure every minute of the day. I’m happy to call it an ordinary work day of my life. Almost everything was extraordinary. To shoot weddings is something I have been doing for years. But shooting a wedding in Switzerland was the first time.

Majo and Babs were so relaxed and the day was so perfectly planned. No stress at all. They had thought of every little detail. I mean, they had even goodiebags for the guests, with the wedding logo printed on. The wedding dress was beautifully made of a friend to the bride. The bridal bouquet was a perfect match of purple flowers and blackberries. Their shoes were Converse designed with their new common name Ekundayo. Babs suit was stylish grey perfectly matched to the purple theme. The bridesmaids had of course matched dresses with different shades of purple. Yes! I LOVE when things match. And I love when there is a lot of beautiful details to shoot.

My work is not only to document the day, I intend to make the couple feel relaxed and happy at the same time. I don’t just take documentary pictures, I want the photo session to be something funny and memorable. Like in the picture below where everyone is walking. I told them to think they were in the Twilight movie. It really worked, I got a nice picture, Haha. I also intend to have a lot of fun myself, eating cake and dance to the music. Yeah, I love my work.

And the best thing is when the couple receives the pictures and return to me with their thanks. It always touches my heart to give them beautiful memories to look back at for the rest of their life.

You have exceeded all our hopes and expectations both in the way you handled the day and the work afterwards! You are officially our hero! The only sad point: there are no pictures of you in it – Majo & Babs

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  1. memnon37

    Babs i really must say im so happy to see you get married to majo…im happy because when you were in nigeria (its pastor) together in bowen university in your final year…..we discussed about a lot of things and you taught me about the ”christmass factor” that helps in blood clot. You were a great guy then and i believe youre still a great guy now. miss you and extend my greetings to majo.